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Anna Kosturova Swimwear - Drawing inspiration from Disney’s, “Snow White,” Anna Kosturova gathered her first signs of designer’s insight after watching the titular’s character’s elaborate costume and exciting colors.  After earning a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in textile technology, Kosturova found her calling in the fashion world, calling it “…a personal liberation [and] process of decoding [her] DNA to claim [her] own happiness.”  With a love of water and interest in sea life, Kosturova focuses on designing both swim and resort wear, considering it a full circle in her belief in the aquatic theory of man’s origin(s) and ideal culmination where everything she loves comes together.  Beauty is her addiction and creative goal.

Betsey Johnson Swimwear - Rocking the fashion scene since the early 1960s, Betsey Jonson has always been set on dancing to the beat of her own drum in the fashion industry.  Known worldwide for her celebration of the high-spirited, the embellished, and larger-than-life vision, Johnson’s experience as an aspiring dancer laid the groundwork for both the creativity and insight of her designs.  Sexy silhouettes, hippie-inspired prints and fabrics, fanciful detailing, and a fabulous fit are few of the characteristics personified by Johnson’s trademark designs.  “Betsey Johnson” is not only a woman with a love for detail and originality but a label that wakes up, perks up, and brings the wearer to life –drawing attention to her splendor, specialness, feel, movements, and fantasies.  Betsey Johnson is a brand that reminds us everyday that fashion can be fun.

Body Glove Swimwear - Founded by Missourian twins, Bob and Bill Meistrell, the creation of “Body Glove” emerged from a passion of everything water –from deep ponds to oceans and swimming to water sports like surfing and scuba diving.  Developing a Dive N’ Surf premiere retail store in California (1953), the Meistrell brothers began their business and eventually expanded to include a full line of surfing and diving equipment, as well as diving classes and swimwear apparel.  Inventing the first wet suit that “fit like a glove” gave way to the birth of “Body Glove” as their signature brand.  Since then, Body Glove has provided product and sponsorships to top surfers, amateurs, and regional surfing professionals around the globe –paying active tribute to its legendary heritage and passion for water.

Cover Style Swimwear - Both designed and manufactured in the world’s swimwear capital, Miami, Florida, Cover Style Swimwear is inspired by Miami’s culture diversity and year-round ideal beach weather.  Feminine details emphasize the unique styles of mix and match separates made to fit each body type flawlessly.  Using bright colors and surf-inspired prints are only the beginning for Cover Style Swimwear’s individual style.  Featured in publications:  Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, YM, Surfing Girl, Lucky Magazine, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, etc. it’s no wonder why Cover Style Swimwear is a hot commodity for today’s fashion-forward teen.

Cyn & Luca Swimwear - Cyn & Luca is known as swimwear’s sleek collection for the contemporary woman.  Head designer and owner, Cynthia Hoey, began her career working for fashion ready-to-wear heavy weight Liz Claiborne, but, is most recognized for her working experience as head swimwear collection designer for Adrienne Vittadini (for whom she worked for over 8 years).  With a love for the beach’s sense of rejuvenation, her design’s aim is to reflect that lifestyle –of a woman who is both self-assured and sexy and whose personal strength is expressed by her sense of style and fancy for the exotic.  Featured in magazines:  Sports Illustrated, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Fitness, Self, etc. Cyn & Luca specializes their knowledge of refined production techniques to suit any woman’s individual idea and style.

Esprit Swimwear - Known as a global, young-looking lifestyle brand offering stylish, easy on the pocket luxury and both originality and fashion to life, Esprit is an international player in lifestyle.  An international team of  designers interpret and convey the Esprit vision into regular collections for the self-confident, natural, stylish, and sensual Esprit consumer.  As a company, Esprit not only focuses on the product an price/performance ratio, but it continuously invests in quality and fit to ensure high standards and impeccable manufacturing.

Guess Swimwear - What are you wearing?  Guess?  –A brand whose name is synonymous with pop culture and famous faces like Paris Hilton.  Known and designed for the adventurous, unapologetically sexy, feminine, independent, bold, confident, and stylish sophisticate, it is no wonder why Guess has become a worldwide leader in the fashion industry.  With experience in the business for over 25 years, it is with the same interest and excitement that Guess? Has had since its inception that pushes the company into the future as one brand -joining Guess, Marciano, and G by Guess under a unified vision of bold expression in a global cultural melting pot.

Hello Kitty Swimwear - Embracing the Kitty isn’t just for the average school girl anymore… Capturing the youthful spirit of the playful girl within us all, Sanrio’s expansion to swimwear using, their star character and corporate symbol, Hello Kitty is taking the world by storm.  Using bright colors, character-style modifications to show the many sides of Hello Kitty, and modern-day swimsuit cuts makes this conglomerate’s approach (to swimwear) both unique and a breath of fresh air.

V I X Swimwear - As a continuous leader in the swim and resort wear categories, V I X prides itself in catering to all beach bunnies worldwide.  With selections that range from the fun and bold bikinis to sweet tankinis and stylish one-pieces, V I X is set on creating the perfect pieces for any beach-goer –whether the beach bunny, active teen, or stylish and chic sophisticate.  With collections fashioned by the colors and prints of fashion today, V I X adds its flawless finishing touches (that range from subtle seashells, embroidery, or even the hottest shapes and fabrics) to give their swimsuits that extra fashionable flare.  Featured in publications: Vogue, Elle, Instyle, People, Sports Illustrated, etc. it is no wonder why V I X is one of the most sought after swim and resort labels for the sexiest women in the world.

Island Company Swimwear - Founded on the belief that we are not all created equal, Island Company creates products for the modern traveler, dreamer, and escapist who strives for more, wishes to live longer, and seeks out the pleasures that make life worth sticking around for.  Island Company devotes itself to clean-cut American fashions for both the beach bunny and water sports junkie alike.  Their designs support and fit with exceptional quality without sacrificing classic styling, color, and piece mix-and-matching flexibility.  Featured in publications: Lucky, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Wear Daily, Ocean Drive, Sports Illustrated, etc. further cements Island Company’s popularity across the U.S. and the world.

Salinas Swimwear - Globally recognized Brazilian swimwear company, “Salinas Swimwear,” has built its reputation as the hottest à la mode bikini on the market -capturing the design, value, sexiness, and excitement of the original Brazilian-cut bikini like no other.  Setting the standard for the highest quality lycra and becoming a market leader with original cuts and fabrics has cemented a strong following of such fashion heavy weights:  Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Madonna, Kate Hudson, and many more.  Salinas Swimwear is known for its creative styles, colorful flair, and high quality fabrics and is why it has become a global top pick for all jetset destinations, beaches, and parties worldwide.

Onda de Mar Swimwear - Known for its hand-made, chic, “Latin Flair” swimwear, Onda de Mar creates beachwear unmatched by many.  Manufactured in Columbia (South America) the collections are fashioned (based on strong styling) using high-tech equipment with beautiful fabrics, detailing, and unique accessories. With supreme creative vision and global recognition, Onda de Mar is designed for the trendy, modern woman that looks for the perfect fit and pays attention to detail.  Being recognized in international editorials such as Vogue USA, Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, People, Sports Illustrated, etc. has helped rank Onda de Mar as one of the world’s swimsuit brands with the highest “top of mind.”

Hobie Swimwear - Staying in step with the true “surfer girl” style, Hobie Swimwear prides itself in being one of the leading fashion-forward junior swimwear lines that appeal to the active beach girl.  Offering vivid colors, distinctive hardware, fun details, and consumer-friendly pricing reel in a solid following of those who live to make a splash both in and out of the water.

Hot Kiss Swimwear - Founder Moshe Tsabag, ventured from his native country, Israel, to study fashion in New York City.  After graduation, Tsabag moved to Los Angeles making a name for himself as a multi-line representative.  Using his priceless industry experience, Tsabag then opened his first clothing line, YES Clothing Company, where he instantly gained attention in the fashion industry and solidified himself amongst the leaders of the fashion industry’s trendsetters.  After rising YES Clothing Company into a $50 million company, he sold it, and wasted no time in beginning his new line, Hot Kiss.  Today, Hot Kiss is an enormously well-like junior clothing line for girls and serves as evidence that Tsabag can stay ahead of the trend in the daily-changing fashion industry.

L*Space Swimwear - With a collection that oozes a fresh, directional, and obvious sexy style, L*Space is a collection of swimwear that continually recreates itself while staying both down-to-earth and effortlessly hip.  With inspiration extending from coast to coast, from the beaches of Florida to sunny California, L*Space stays focused on the hipster fit that its followers love.  With a focus on quality, uniquely-cut mix and match separates decked with details (such as subtle touches of hardware) and oozing sex appeal , it takes no wiz to figure why L*Space swimsuits are such a hot commodity.

Ocean Pacific or OP Swimwear - Ocean Pacific is a lifestyle brand that has a deep heritage in the action sports world and impeccable foresight, seeing as how they were the first brand to create professional associations with star athletes (1960s).  Outfitting surfers, skateboarders, beachgoers, snowboarders, and BMX riders with the signature “California beach style,” Ocean Pacific has become one of the leading manufacturers of bathing suits, board shorts and apparel today.  A leading player in the surfer boom of the ‘70s and a current front-runner for present-day swimwear, sportswear, and casual wear, Ocean Pacific is known as a household name worldwide –popular for its quality, laid-back look, and corporate identity.

Lucky Brand Swimwear - Standing for an authenticity of genuine emotion, Lucky Brand Swimwear positions itself for the self-determined, self-reliant, and unique individual.  Priding themselves in both great quality and wit, the Lucky Brand is renowned for their attention to fit and unrelenting sense of humor, known for their “Lucky You” catch phrase in the fly of their jeans.  It is this continuous and daring approach to their marketing strategies that has allowed Lucky Brand to gamble with their image and cement themselves as a free-spirited brand internationally.  With more than 165 stores worldwide, it is no wonder why Lucky Brand, as a whole, is for the fun, rock n’ roll loving, young-at-heart person.

Red Carter Swimwear - Dabbling in everything from sports to the entertainment industry, now fashion designer, Red Carter, found his niche in the fashion industry.  With experience as a competitive swimmer, Carter learned a thing or two about swimwear and was able to get employment with several big names:  Rampage, Esprit, Victoria’s Secret, etc.  Carter, known for his use of his personal trademark red button (on all of his swimwear pieces), uses his understanding of form, fit, and function to detailing each of his signature swimsuits.  Inspired by Miami’s cultural diversity and way of life, Carter makes it his aim to embody the Miami lifestyle in each of his suits –mixing rich colors, bold prints, and impeccable styling.

Rygy Swimwear - Founded in the land of beauties, (Brazil) Rygy Swimwear has been making big splashes in fashion since the ‘80s.  With attention to detail (as seen through its hand-stitched embroideries) and an immaculate personification of the chic, sleek, sophisticated, and alluring bikini cut, Rygy Swimwear has become the leading choice for sunny, beachgoers.  The brand caters to an all-inclusive lifestyle and can be found in the hottest beaches worldwide.  Infusing passion and creating one-of-a-kind looking pieces, Rygy truly caters to the classically elegant, and both natural and playful woman –catering to every woman, with any mission, body type, and style.






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