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10 Top Beaches in Los Angeles for Bikini-Watching
If you are a beach-goer or you live in the Los Angeles area, you really want to know where the best beaches are for swimsuit watching. If you enjoy seeing the opposite sex lying in the sun and tanning their skin, then you want to know where to go to see the most...Read More

El Matador Beach: Secluded But Wear Your Bathing Suit
El Matador Beach is one of those beaches that you would typically find in the picture brochure of dreamy California and Los Angeles area beaches. El Matador Beach is one of those close strands known as pocket beaches. These beaches are usually separated by ...Read More

Famous Venice Beach: The Hotspot for Bikini Watching This Year
Venice Beach is known worldwide for its popularity with young people who like the outdoor life and being able to skate down the boardwalk at their will or to stop and watch a street performer show his tricks. The beach is one that has been shown in many movies...Read More

Hermosa Beach In Spanish Means Beautiful Beach
Ponte Vedra is a popular Florida resort destination that is located just south of Jacksonville and north of St. Augustine. It attracts many visitors who are looking for peace and relaxation in a beautiful and sophisticated atmosphere. Ponte Vedra is home to upscale and...Read More

Leo Carrillo State Beach Great for Camping
If you are looking for a great place to take the family or go to with friends, the Leo Carrillo State Beach is the answer. The Leo Carrillo State Beach is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, only 35 minutes away from Santa Monica. This is a beach as well as state park that offer a ...Read More

Malibu Beach Sets the Tone for This Years Bikini Swim-wear Fashion
Summer is almost here and you will be able to go out, lie on the beach in the Malibu area, and see the new fashions in bikinis and swimwear being paraded around the beach. Donít let yourself be caught wearing late last year's bikini or be shunned by the trendy people ...Read More

Manhattan Beach Birthplace of Bikini Volleyball
Manhattan Beach is the exact stereotype found in almost any beach movie that you may have seen in your youth. You would imagine this beach as the place where the Beach Boys would come out to or that you would see Frankie Avalon and Annette frolicking in...Read More

Marina Del Ray Best Small Boat Harbor for Bikini Watching
Mariana Del Ray is located on the west side of Los Angeles, right next to the famous Venice Beach. It also boasts one of the largest small boat harbors in the area. The Marina Del Ray is located in a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. You are close to the airport, hotels, restaurants...Read More

Paradise Cove Beach: a Bit of Paradise but with Some Rules
Paradise Cove, off of Highway 1, is covered with bluffs and enclosures that leave secluded areas of sand, making this a pristine area to be in. Paradise Cove Beach is one of the most watched beaches on television because so many shows, such as the OC, the...Read More

Point Dume State Beach True to the California Beach Experience
When in Santa Monica there are many places to visit, one such place that you need to go visit is the Point Dume State Beach. The Point Dume State Beach has a ton of different activities that will please a broad range of interests. Whether you wish to splash in the surf, go hiking, whale...Read More

Zuma Beach: Surf Sun and Bikinis, What Could be Better?
Zuma Beach, located 19 miles north of Malibu Beach, is a gorgeous beach with white sand, clean water and plenty of room for everybody. It's not crowded or congested like most beaches are and not only do the locals like it but also tourists as well. The beach ...Read More



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